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Rutube is a mobile application that has various Russian TV shows and TV series. Rutube video downloader helps to download rutube videos, tv shows & series online on your device.


Rutube is a mobile application that has various Russian TV shows and TV series. High-speed Wi-Fi or mobile data connection is required to stream the HD videos on Rutube. Some of the types of shows which are available on Rutube is stand up, Univer, Comedy Club, Dances, TV series, game streams, cartoons, and many more. The application also premiers new shows every Friday. Unlike other applications, where one will find only fictional shows, Rutube airs shows which are related to the educational, cognitive development of a child.

Unique Features of Rutube:

Rutube has some amazing features which hardly any other application provides to its users. Some of them are listed below:

  • 1: Viewers can express their opinion about the shows they watch on Rutube commenting and voting against or for the show. This helps the owners to know if the audience is liking the show or not.
  • 2: If you want to search for something specific in Rutube, you can always type the name of the series in the search bar and fund it in one single click.
  • 3: The latest videos and shows are carefully curated by the editors so that the audience can enjoy them to their fullest.
  • 4: If you regularly watch a show and want to stay updated about it, you can subscribe to the show. If anything new comes up, you will always be notified. This way you would not miss any updates or episodes of that show.
  • 5: You can always share the videos available on Rutube with your friend.
  • 6: You can also change the video quality as per your preference for streaming videos.
  • 7: This application is available on Google Play and Microsoft Store.

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Method of Downloading Rutube Videos:

If you are a regular user of Rutube, you might know that one cannot download Rutube video and watch it offline. But, you can download it from our website Some simple steps need to be followed to download any Rutube video.

The steps are mentioned below: to download rutube videos:

  • 1: Visit Rutube and open the video you want to download.
  • 2: You will find the URL of that particular video. Copy that URL.
  • 3: Now open our website which is a Rutube video downloader, and paste the same link in the URL box provided.
  • 4: After this, click on the ‘download’ button.
  • 5: Your video will now be downloaded. You can enjoy watching the video without internet connectivity as well.

Reasons for Choosing our Website to Download Rutube Video:

Many times, it happens that you are travelling and experiencing frequent internet connectivity fluctuations. In those times, downloaded videos act as a great saviour. You can watch them without any buffering and enjoy your long travelling. Similarly, Rutube users may feel like downloading videos, but this is not possible via the application itself. You can do it easily through our Rutube video downloader. You just need to have stable internet connectivity at the time of downloading the video(s). Also, it is free of cost. You will find only countable genuine platforms where you can download videos without any malware. Also, you can use our website to download Rutube video through any device or OS, be it Mac, Android, Windows, Linux, Firefox, etc.


1: Is there software required to download a Rutube video from

No, you do not have to download any software to use our Rutube video downloader. You can open our website through any browser and copy-paste the video link which is to be downloaded.

2: Is there a different process for downloading Rutube videos on a mobile phone?

No, the process of downloading Rutube videos is the same for all kinds of devices.


his article clearly mentions how one can easily download Rutube videos from our Rutube video downloader. Streaming the same videos more than once becomes difficult for people who have limited data packs. This is mostly the case with our favourite series or shows. We feel like watching them over and over again. But now, with being able to download the videos, you can easily watch the video as many times as possible without the need to spend extra data. The one-click process makes it quite convenient for users to download the videos, even non-tech savvy feel easy to do the same.