Pinterest Video Downloader

Pinterest Video Downloader is a online tool to download Pinterest videos and images in high qulaity. Pinterest video download is free tool to download videos and images from Pinterest.

Daily Video Downloader website provides you a Pinterest video downloader tool to download Pinterest video just as some simple steps, This tool is very simple to use you don’t need to register yourself or login with any of your IDs. You will just need the URL of the video to save Pinterest video and have to paste it into the Pinterest Video downloader.

How to Download Pinterest Videos:

Step 1: Select the video you wanna download and copy the URL.

Step 2: Open the Daily Video downloader website, click on the Pinterest Tool tab.

Step 3: Pinterest Video Downloader will be open on your browser, there will be an option of “DOWNLOADING BOX” you need to paste the URL on the bar above there and press “DOWNLOAD BUTTON”.

Step 4: After that Scroll down, an option for the Format of the video will arise then click on that. The video will play, go to options () and click on download. Your Pinterest video will be downloaded on your device.

What is a Pinterest:

Pinterest is a platform where users share their thoughts, photos, ideas, videos, likes and other things. Pinterest is a social media site which is used for online content sharing. The count of Pinterest users is really increasing with days passing, according to a report, Pinterest has 459 million active users worldwide.

Pinterest is free to use, you can share your ideas, image, photos on that, features of Pinterest that make it different from other apps are you can send pins to your friends, suggested searches, Friend mentions, Mobile notifications, chrome extension, promoted videos, promoted app pins, home feed, picked for you.

As we go through Pinterest there are videos of motivation lectures, dance, music, cooking recipes, short funny videos, product videos, educational videos, DIY videos, and so on. If you wanna download Pinterest video then the process is super simple and easy to use, To download Pinterest video you need to copy the URL of the video and paste it on the “Pinterest Video Downloader” website and just click download.


Que 1: How can I download Pinterest videos on IOS devices using Pinterest downloader?

Ans: Follow these Steps to Download Video from Pinterest:
Step 1: On your IOS device visit the website/app of Pinterest, select the video which you want to download, and copy its URL.
Step 2: Open the Pinterest Video downloader website on your IOS device browser.
Step 3: Paste the URL on the downloading field above there and press “DOWNLOAD BUTTON”.
Step 4: Select the Format of the video then click on that. Video will be downloaded on your IOS device.

Que 2: Can I download Pinterest video in mp3 and mp4 format?

Ans: When you proceed to download, the website will show you the format options in which you can download the video. You have to choose your preference from the options and click on that to download the video.

Que 3: Is it imp to have the URL of the video?

Ans: Yes, it is mandatory to have the URL of the video you want to download, you won't be able to download Pinterest video without the URL. It is the first step to download any video from the website.

Que 4: Can I download Video for free?

Ans: You can download videos for free using Pinterest Video Downloader on your devices by following the steps mentioned above. There is no restriction to bother you from the website. We have made it clear that our aim is to provide a platform where you can download videos you love on any device you want to.

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